Hi, I’m Kara. The things I enjoy most in life are music, Camel Crushs, piercings, art, computer games, skateboarding, and Starbucks. I’m pansexual, vegetarian, outgoing, drawing and photography are my life. I draw how I feel and I love to do it. The things I fear most are love and clowns. I like when people tell me how they think about me just to see me through others eyes. I am still trying to find true happiness. So yeah, that’s all I have for now.

If you don’t like me, all I have to say is fuck off.

Basic information:

Name: Kara

Location: A hell hole named Texas

Religion: Agnostic

Relationship status: No one ever catches my attention, so I don’t feel like they need me anymore than I need them.

Best friend: Sneeze-Stardust

Ethnicity: Wood elf

Camera: Canon 3D EOS

Eye color: Blue

These is my other blogs: My photography blog